Replace your faulty battery, charging port, SIM reader, earpiece, power button and many more.

Here in ECT Kilburn we can take care of your device no matter of the case. We can replace your faulty battery, charging port, SIM reader, earpiece, power button, headphone jack and many more.

Battery: During a battery’s lifetime, its performance or “health” tends to deteriorate gradually due to irreversible physical and chemical changes that take place with usage. In other words you lose about 10% per year from your battery’s actual capacity. After a year or two of aging combined with apps requiring more and more resources from your phone, the battery may not hold enough charge for your needs. In that case we can replace your battery with an ORIGINAL one which will make your phone reliable again.

Charging port: Nowadays devices require to be charged at least once a day. Plugging and unplugging many times may damage your charging port. Luckily this is repairable and we can help.

SIM reader: It’s not uncommon to get your SIM card stuck inside the SIM reader and while you try to take it out to break some of the pins responsible for reading your card.

Earpiece: Water and dust may damage the earpiece of your phone decreasing the hearing quality. In ECT Kilburn we can quickly replace it for you to enjoy high quality calls again.

Power button: Power button is one of the few buttons left on the modern phones. However we tend to press it dozens of times daily and it tends to break sometimes.


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